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Primarily designed to find the best porn sites to join, Tits and Cocks has picture galleries and movie previews as well as the odd porn review to entice you into joining one of these magnificent sites. A creation of Ben Wilks and Peter Dolby, Tits and Cocks has been online since early 2002 and has helped many a man (and woman) loose a load or two with the hottest tit fucking and other sex niches like huge cocks, asian girls and milf babes.

Peter Dolby

Since early 2000 Peter has showed a flair for ranking websites in search engines (probably how you got here), as well as a sincere passion for the porn industry, and quality porn sites. Peter has devoted all of his time to building and promoting porn websites online, with great success. Peter is happy to help anyone in the Industry get their site off the ground, or offer some quality advice.

Ben Wilks

Naughty Ben Wilks has loved porn since he found his mates Dad's 'Black Label' Penthouse collection and immediately fell in love with porno. Kindly donating his web design, and coding skills to Tits and Cocks, Ben has a keen passion for the computers, the internet and porn.

Tits and Cocks Manifesto:
Dirty jokes are the best, and there is nothing wrong with being delighted by the dirty, captured by the crass, obsessing over the obscene, captivated by the crude, into the indecent, or preoccupied with porn. Let loose. For some it's the only way to be ; ) Enjoy.

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